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Whispers of the Wolf by Pauline Ts'o

Before the words were pictographs. Before you read even a word of this wonderful story, the pictures beckon you into the land of the Pueblo. Pauline Ts'o, the author-illustrator, uses both words and pictures with great skill.

Pay attention to the pictures, dear reader. Each page-turn a different color of the desert, the whole held together by the uniform use of the impasto technique. Brilliant choice. The impasto gives texture to the painting, a certain opacity that draws the eye to the essence of the picture.

And the pictures lead us to the story of Two Birds: a shy young boy, a lost wolf pup, and a life-changing friendship. True caring brings you out of your shell. Two Birds' love gives him the courage to say, and do, what is best for his wolf friend.

They build their life together. And when the time comes, they build their life apart. When the wolf hears the pack's call, Two Birds hears the pup's plea for freedom. He pauses.

"If I have no wolf will Gray Bear still hunt with me?"

Then slowly he unties the rope. "Go on. Be my eyes and ears out there." Apart yet together. Two Birds finds his true self, even as the wolf pup does.

The author enriches the story with detailed back matter. A book that belongs in every school, every library and book collection.

Title: Whispers Of The Wolf

Author: Pauline Ts'o

Illustrator: Pauline Ts'o

Publisher: Wisdom Tales Press

Hardback: 42 pages

ISBN: 978-1-93778645-8