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A Picture Book

A picture is worth a thousand words

Where art meets words

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Words can create pictures too.

The power of imagination.

Words, words, words

Where Conversations Begin

A good conversation is a good life

Where conversations begin

All About Writing

Random thoughts on the how and why of writing

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Tales From Rajasthan

Tales of chivalry and honor rub shoulders with trickster tales

in this collection of stories from Rajasthan.

Stories From Around The World

A collection of folktales from around the world.


Welcome to my site. I'm a storyteller from far away...

My first book is a collection of Indian tales. Then the travel bug hit, hard, but the love of books stayed constant. The second is a gathering of folktales from around the world.

Now it is the hearth and the home fires that call loud and clear. A comfortable chair, a pile of books, and one can "follow knowledge like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought." My home has almost as many books on the shelves as there are stars in the sky.

So I may just have morphed from a traveller to a book evangelist who will cheerfully buttonhole you with the next best book you absolutely HAVE to read.

This site is a way to share that love.