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Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear by Nancy White Carlstrom

Some books just sing themselves to you. Dear reader, read Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? I picked up the book, and this is how the words appeared to me:

Jesse Bear, what will you wear?
what will you wear? what will you wear?
Jesse Bear, what will you wear?
What will you wear in the morning?

Got it?
The wheels on the bus go round and round.
round and round, round and round.
the wheels on the bus go round and round,
all through the town!

Impeccable rhythm (and rhyme). The book is a perfect sing-along.

Add to that language that sings:
“Ill wear the sun/ On my legs that run”    and
“I’ll wear a rose/ Between my toes”     and
“I’ll wear the sand/ On my arm and hand”

Jesse Bear wears a chair, wears his lunch. Really? The illustrations explain how! Such wonderful illustrations—bright colors, simple drawings exuding happiness and explaining the how of Jesse Bear’s activities.

Life is good in Jesse Bear’s world. Even when he becomes Jesse Bare, getting ready for bed. And what will he wear at night?

“Sleep in my eyes
And stars in the skies
Moon on my bed
And dreams in my head
That’s what I’ll wear tonight.”

May all readers sleep with dreams wrapped in the moon and stars.

Title: Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

Author: Nancy White Carlstrom

Illustrator: Bruce Degen

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Hardback: 38 pages

ISBN: 0-02-717350-X