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Honey by David Ezra Stein

A story of the passage of time seen through the lens of a bear’s longing, attainment, and nostalgia.

Ah the illustrations! Such joy, that you dance along with the bear. Sunlit-bright, honey-colored, honey-sweet. A pleasure to behold. And then the words, creating pictures as sweet as the honey they describe.

Bear awakes from his winter sleep. A hungry rumble, and a remembrance of honey. "Warm, golden, sweet, clear, slowly flowing, spicy, aromatic, sparkling with sunlight—"

"But it was too soon for honey."

Bear tries to forget. But reminders abound—sweet warm grass, sticky sap, golden meadows, clear streams…so of course the he goes running up the hill "Honey!"

"But it was too soon for honey."

Summer gives way to rain. The bees get busy.

"But still not time for honey."

The author follows the classical pattern of threes—no, no, no and finally "Honey!" Built in to bear's quest for honey the thought, 'To everything there is a season.'

The wonderous illustrations. Warm, golden, slowly flowing, as sweet as bear’s joy in the honey. A full-page spread of bear licking his paws, "for a long time."

"A sleepy bear sat and remembered the summer, and thought how good it had been."

With that closing sentence the story comes full circle. Perfection.

Title: Honey

Author: David Ezra Stein

Illustrator: David Ezra Stein

Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books

Hardback: 36 pages

ISBN: 978-1-5247-3786-3