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How To Find A Fox by Nilah Magruder

What a joyful book. On a warm and sunny day our bright-eyed young protagonist sets out to find a fox. Not a hunt, mind you. The camera in hand tells of her intention—she shoots pictures. There she is, all prepared, camera at the ready, cooked chicken–leg bait in the bag.

"The best foxes are at home when you visit." Nobel sentiment. But are they? Follow the illustrations, dear reader. Author/illustrator Nilah Magruder has a story within a story. Little bird peeking in the foxhole along with the little girl. Look, look. The bait in the open. The girl in the hideout. The fox in hiding.

"Wait a little longer." The fox waits also. Look at the two–page spread of the very sleepy girl. And the fox sneaking in. Aha! Sneaky fox has sneaky tracks. How did he get to the owl's nest high up in the tree?

Agh!! Outfoxed at every turn.

Such wonderful pacing and page turns. YOU don't find the fox, the FOX finds you. There he is, in the camera viewfinder. The book closes with a double-spread of fox photos–fox, fox's ears, fox's tail, fox and girl…fox, fox, fox all the way. Mission accomplished. Perseverance pays.

Ah the illustrations. They could tell the story all by themselves–a wordless story. By adding words the author has created a wonderful read–aloud book. A book that belongs in every library and book collection.

Title: How To Find A Fox

Author: Nilah Magruder

Illustrator: Nilah Magruder

Publisher: Fiewel and Friends

Hardback: 32 Pages

ISBN: 978-1-250-08656-3