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I write as and when the mood seizes me. A story, an essay or an article—anything that tickles the fancy. Then off into the world it goes, and is forgotten. Into the Black Hole.

That was my approach to writing for a very long time. The occasional submission, followed by silence. When friends asked what I did, I proudly replied that I wrote.

"Can we read your work?"

Umm. My work? Hmm. Out would come the litany of reasons (excuses?): how difficult it is to find time to write, family comes first, there are so many things to take care of—etc. etc. They would commiserate, totally understanding how difficult it is write when there is so much else to take care of.

Things would have gone on in this merry fashion, until one morning, when I was driving my son to school. I had to make a lane change, which can be a daunting task when the early morning traffic is flowing lickety-split.

"Oh, oh, we are coming up to our off-ramp," harried muttering, quick glance at the side- and rear-view mirrors.

"Mom if you have to change lanes indicate, and then move," said my son.

So simple! Indicate your intentions, and when safe, move. Make a commitment, follow through. How frustrating it is to drive behind a car that has its indicator light flashing for miles. 'Can I pass the car,' you wonder, 'or is it going to move?'

I realized then that what is true of driving can be applied to everything else. The first step is to indicate your intentions: "This is what I want to do."

Out in the open. But it brings a tremendous freedom, this declaration of intent. You’ve said it. Now you back up your words with actions. Declaration, action. Thus the cycle begins, and continues.

So declare your intent. You write because you want to. There is something you want to say to the world, and you figure you can best say it through your writing. Then why shortchange yourself?

I have hung up my shingles, and my business card states it: WRITER. I write. A tree grows because that is its nature. I write because it is mine. When the world is ready to listen it will.